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Taking Stock: DIY’s of 2010

In Accessories,DIY,How-To,Jewelry,Men's Shirts,Of House and Home,Recipes,Remake,Shoes on January 1, 2011 by Naoko Takano

Now with almost midnight and 2011, while catching up on Gossip Girl episodes and eating peppermint ice cream, I just wanted to take a look back at 2010 and all the DIY tutorials I’ve shared here (and elsewhere).  Missed any?  Here they are, one more time:

Hair Accessories
Jennifer Behr Spike Turban
Givenchy Spiked Headband
Wired Scarf Rabbit Ears Headband from a Handkerchief
Flowered Hair Clip
Tube Flower Headband
Bra Strap Headband
Scarf Turban
Faux Fur Wrap
Knotted Cord Belt
Alexander Wang Zipper Sunglasses
Fur-Covered Basket
Laptop Sleeve from Leather Jacket
Chanel-Style Paper Bag
Feathered Cape
Edwardian Cuffs
Fringed Boho Bag
Lacy Convertible Belt
Rolled Tights Rose
Pierced Flower Brooch
Patterned Clutch Makeover
Fabric Leopard Scarf
Curtain Rings to Boho Bangles
Double-Fringed Necklace
Leaf Chain Earrings
Ruffle Studded Necklace
Woven Heart Shape Pin
Feather Bangles
Jeweled Cardigan Clip
White Embellished U Necklace
Spiked Crystal Ring
Black Embellished Bib Necklace
Rope Necklace
Square-Studded Cardigan
Pillowcase to Elastic Band Skirt
Michael Kors Slashed Top
Petal-Front Top
Butterfly-Embellished Tanktop
Zipper-Detail Alexander Wang Skirt
Faux Fur-Lined Hood
Hybrid Sweater
Too-Big Skirt into Paperbag Waist Skirt
Men’s Clothing Remakes
Summer Tank Dress
Button-Embellished Top
Ruffled Top from a Men’s Shirt
Men’s Shirt to Bow Tunic Dress
Men’s Shirt to Jumpsuit Romper 
Re-fit a Button-Down Shirt
Chain & Bead Halter Dress
Fitted Shirt
Happy Ice Cream Applique T-Shirt
Boot-Covers from a Leather Jacket
Flowered Ballet Flats
Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Boots
Corsage Shoe Clips
Fringed Gladiator Sandals
Home Decor
$4 Easter Wreath
$4 Fall Wreath
Super-Easy $7 Holiday Wreeath
Super-Easy $5 Holiday Wreath
Coconut-Banana Crunch Muffins
Low-Sugar Berry Cherry Pie
Low-Fat Baked Donuts
Healthy Like-A-Cheesecake 

Wow, it’s a lot when you look at them all like that! 63 tutorials and how-tos (and I only did 51 in 2009).  I hope this last year has been a wonderful, amazing year for everyone, filled with happiness and DIY!

Here’s hoping that 2011 is even better!

Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers, friends, fellow bloggers, and family!


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Free Projects from Michael’s and Interweave

In Accessories,How-To,Jewelry,Project Downloads on December 17, 2010 by Naoko Takano

So sorry for the slowdown in posts as of late.  I have been consumed by doing the Christmas shopping, putting together boxes of gifts, making goodies and cookies, writing Christmas and New Year’s cards, and standing around at the Post Office that this holiday brings.  I think I have things a little more under control now, but there’s still an overwhelming amount of things to do and get and wrap before next Saturday.

In the meantime, if anyone has any free time and would like to make some jewelry and accessory pieces (maybe as a last-minute gift?), here are some Free Projects from Michael’s:

 Bib Necklace

Crystazzi Red Flower Necklace

Pearl Necklace

And some Free Project Downloads from Interweave (require E-mail mailing list signup, but just unsubscribe after you’ve received your freebies if you’re not interested):

 4 Fine Sewing Techniques from Quilting Arts

5 Beadwork Beading Patterns
6 Felted Knitting Patterns

5 Crochet Gifts Patterns

5 Stone-Cutting Techniques

Also: Free E-Book on the power of making things by hand to get you inspired:

Creativity and Personal Growth: 7 Inspiring Stories on How Crafts Can Change Your Life

You can never have enough techniques for DIY’ing in your trick-bag…and the more you know, the more you can apply that knowledge to problem-solving in many different areas.



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DIY: Jeweled Cardigan Clip (StyleSample Magazine Feature

In Accessories,DIY,Featured in... on December 13, 2010 by Naoko Takano

My tutorial for this sparkly, holiday-style jeweled DIY cardigan clip was featured in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Style Sample Magazine (see pg. 20!).  It’s super-easy to make – with just a glue gun, some sparkly buttons, and some trim scraps you too can make one in no time.

As the holidays approach, we’re all looking for that perfect accessory to elevate a blah outfit into FABulous; office-wear into party attire; the everyday into elegant.  And what better than a functional closure to your sweater (or jacket, or scarf) that can double as a statement brooch? Clip it on, bling it out – however you wear it, it’s sure to be the focal point of any outfit!

*stiff felt, cut into 2 circles (each about 1.5″ diameter)
*scrap of lacy ribbon
*assorted jeweled buttons
*2 shoe clips
*short length of chain (about 3″)
*Optional: 2 jump rings
*Optional: 2 brooch pinbacks

*glue gun & gluesticks
*needle &thread

1. Start by stitching the lace around the edge of each felt piece, in a spiral.  (Although you can use the hot glue for this, the stitches look neater.)

2. Hot-glue the buttons on top of the lace.

3. Turn each felt piece over, and hot-glue a shoe clip onto its back.  Keep in mind that in order to wear at the front of a jacket or cardigan, each clip has to open outwards, so make sure they face the right way before you glue them down.

4. Add the chain to the bottom of the felt pieces.  I attached it using jump rings, but if you like you can just use hot glue to affix it, hiding the ends underneath the lace.

5. Optional: If you’d like to wear this piece as a brooch, also glue a pinback to the back of each felt piece.

You can try a number of configurations, using ribbons, soutache braid, fancy trims, different chains, studs, vintage findings, or even stick-on jewels (form the scrapbooking section of the craft store!)  The sky’s the limit!

And make sure the very next time you rock it out – you tell everyone that you didn’t buy it…you DIY’d it!

I love how it looks like a little smiley face!  (Once you see can’t UNsee it!:-/)

And if you’re interested in the other features in this issue (like an interview with Project Runway Season 6 finalist Althea Harper and the how-to on making your own badge for your blog)…

Read the full issue online here

Thanks so much to Tamia and the team at Style Sample! I truly appreciate the inclusion and am honored to be a part of this great publication. 

[And since they are the only magazine currently dedicated to bloggers and the art of style blogging, please help support this great publication by reading, contributing, or even purchasing the print version online. Thanks so much!]


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DIY Roundup 8 (and DIY Marabou Feather Clutch)

In Accessories,DIY,DIY Roundup on December 10, 2010 by Naoko Takano

Feathered things are experiencing a revival lately – and I’ve been hankering after a maribou feather clutch for awhile.  But I’m not going to buy when I can DIY for much cheaper!  It’s sooooo easy too…

DIY Marabou Feather Clutch
Difficulty: (Easy/Beginner)

You Need:

*old clutch-style purse

*tacky glue
*marabou boa

1. Lay your clutch flat and visually estimate how far apart the pieces of your boa need to be to get the kind of coverage you want.

2. Spread the tacky glue in vertical lines down the front of your clutch, and across the top below the clasp.

3. Starting from one side, lay one end of the boa onto the glue at the bottom of the clutch.

4. Fold the boa piece over at the top of the clutch, and then loop it down towards the bottom.  Snip at the bottom of the clutch.

5. Repeat for all the lines of glue until the front of your clutch is completely covered.  Allow to dry and then trim the ends so they’re all one length.

Pretty easy, right?  To cover both the front AND the back using this method, you’ll probably need two boas.  And you could use any type of feathers that suit your fancy…they don’t have to be marabou, and they don’t have to be in boa-form, either.

Did You Know?  
“Marabou” is a term for fluffy feathers – and most “marabou” feathers available for crafting, fishing lures, garment trims, or millinery supply are actually turkey or chicken feathers, not feathers from the Marabou Stork (which are extremely expensive).  Feather supply companies may obtain their feathers from birds that are killed by the meat industry, or the down may be plucked from the bird as the seasons transition and it has no need of it anymore (termed “live-plucking”).  Feathers also may be collected as they naturally molt (like peacock feathers), or from birds’ nests (like eider down).

So finally, welcome to DIY Roundup 8! If you’re unsure how to link up your tutorial (or finished project), here’s how:

Just click the light blue “Add Your Link” button that appears to the bottom left below.  Follow the instructions in the Inlinkz window, pasting in the URL of your project or tutorial (from your own blog, Facebook page, Flickr account,,, etc).  Don’t forget to write the NAME/DESCRIPTION of your project – like “Bow T-Shirt” or “DIY Lanvin Necklace” – not your own name or your blog’s name!!! You can link up any piece you’ve made or tutorial you’ve written from any time, not just in the last two weeks (though it would be nice if it’s a recent project, just to keep the content fresh).  It’s all about sharing and bringing in more like-minded visitors to your site!

So now you get to share your own DIY’s!  If you have a DIY project or tutorial that you’d like to share, please feel free to link below!  (However you can only link YOUR OWN PROJECT.  Please do not link others’ projects!)

If you’ve linked up your project to the Roundup, feel free to grab the button below.

blog buttons

blog buttons

Can’t wait to see everyone’s projects!

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30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 17

In Accessories,DIY,Outfits on November 19, 2010 by Naoko Takano

 Scottie-print scarf: DIY.  Chiffon ruffle blouse: Victoria’s Secret.  Denim bustier: Forever 21.  Assorted pins: vintage; from Japan; Lamb Tac Pin:; kilt pin handmade by me.  Pebble-print silk skirt: Banana Republic.  Dainty Lace Ankle Socks:  Striped espadrille wedges: Old Navy.

Day 17 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 17.

Can you tell what runway show I was inspired by?

 photos by Marcio Madeira,

Yup!  Miu Miu S/S 2010.  It was such an amazing collection with so many fabulous pieces…you could really take each look apart, bit by bit, and find yourself with so many versatile and chic accessories, jewelry items, and unique clothing.

I felt somewhat springy today (even though the weather was anything but)…and so wanted to try mixing patterns and colors and just going crazy with my outfit.

Can you guess what I made my scarf from?

…A pair of little girl’s pajama pants!!!

Yes, I found the pants at the Goodwill Outlet in Spring.  The print reminded me of the Miu Miu collection, they felt satiny, and were still in great condition.

 So I washed them and then did the following:

1. Separate the legs into two separate pieces by cutting all the seams apart.

2. Sew the legs together at the waist, so you have one long piece.  Cut the ends on an angle so they look more “scarf”-like.

3. With right sides together, stitch around the edges, leaving about 2″ free.

4. Turn right-side-out and press.

5. Stitch remaining hole closed.

Very, very simple!  I had been searching in fabric stores for a silky print similar to the ones in the Miu Miu show, but the fabric stores here aren’t progressive to carry anything similar.  Silky pajamas have a number of great, fun prints – that are definitely very Miu-Miu-esque and look fabulous as an accent piece!

I bought this blouse something like 15 years ago and have not worn it once.  Not once!  The tag is still on it, I’m ashamed to say.  Well, now I’ve worn it!;-)

A great way to jazz up a top is to pin on a variety of brooches and pins.  I chose to do so smack-dab in the middle, which is a bit unusual, but (I think) it works.  I made the bottom brooch from a kilt pin and bits of rhinestone jewelry, beads, and findings I had lying around.

And espadrille wedges are so not confined to summer!  You can certainly wear them all year round (though you may have to switch up your leg-coverings;-)

What do you think?  Is anyone going to try embellishing with brooches differently…or start searching for that perfect pair of pajama pants to repurpose into a scarf?;-)

Oh, and Katarina from She sells sea shells has posted more of her outfits in this Challenge.  Have you checked out her blog yet?  Please visit and say hi!


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DIY Scarf Bag

In Accessories,DIY,How-To,Japan on October 31, 2010 by Naoko Takano

I noticed on Outsapop this short n sweet little video on how to create a bag from any scarf.

Originally from Do It Yourself Fashion & Accessories.

But the art of using a scarf as a bag is not a new one…in fact, the furoshiki (basically a large scarf) has been used since the early 1600’s in Japan as a carryall/gift wrap/bag/multifunctional accessory.  From the Ministry of the Government of Japan, here is Minister Koike’s illustrated guide to using a furoshiki (with the recommendation that the Japanese people should start using them more, as they are eco-friendly, re-usable, and reduce plastic bag waste).  Here are14 different ways to tie it:

(Click to enlarge)

What do you think?  Do you have any beautiful scarves that might be repurposed into a casual bag or wrap?


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DIY in 5: Fabric Leopard Scarf

In Accessories,DIY in 5,Winter Fashion on October 26, 2010 by Naoko Takano

 Fold a piece of fabric over and stitch around the edges to make a long rectangular scarf.

Earlier this month I posted some ideas how to style it, today I’m going to DIY it.  It’s DIY in 5minutes, that is.  The easiest, quickest ways to take a piece from blah to fab and update it to current trends.

Animal-prints are still BIG for Fall… and if you’re not ready to go full-on animal, you can try just adding a pop of print to your outfit.  I’ve chosen to craft a scarf – made out of fabric in just the print I chose – in order to dabble in this trend.

How To Make a Quick Fabric Scarf

You Need:
24″ (2/3 of a yard) of 60″ wide printed fabric

*sewing machine
*needle matching fabric type
*thread matching fabric
*fabric scissors
*measuring tape

The fabric in half lengthwise so you have TWO pieces that are 12″ wide by 60″ long.

The short ends of the two long pieces together.  Cut the entire fabric piece so it is either 72″ or 80″, depending on how long you want it.

The scarf in half along the super-long end, right sides together.

All around the edges, leaving the last 2″ or so unsewn.

The fabric right-side out.

Along the unsewn area.

(optional) The scarf flat to set the seams.

And voila!  A new, on-trend scarf in just the print you wanted!  (And yes, this really does take only a few minutes [though it may be closer to 10-15]…and it’s very, very easy!)

You don’t have to do leopard, of course – though I’ve made a version with leopard-printed velour and one with striped jersey. 

(Sometimes I even wear them together when I’m feeling frisky!;-)

Make sure the fabric you choose is “puffy” or has some tactile sense to it; otherwise, it will stretch flat like a long, skinny scarf (which is also a great possibility!)  You can try making your scarf wider thank mine by cutting your fabric at 18″ wide (thus, folded over, it will be 9″ wide).  You can even try with faux fur (though cut your fur from the back using a craft knife and NOT a pair of scissors!)  Some fabulous options for your fabric:

Check out these picks and more at

Hope you have fun making your own easy printed scarf!

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