1.22.11 Outfit: Upside-Down Sweatshirt

In Outfits on January 23, 2011 by Naoko Takano

 Upside-Down Sweatshirt: Kai-Aakmann, a recent Gilt purchase
Bird-chain silver necklace: Claire’s
Dark-rinse jeggings: Forever 21
Zipper-Buckle Wedge Booties: (bought at Sharman in 109 in Shibuya, Japan)
Pewter Rabbit Ring Set: ? (bought at mocha, in Shibuya, Japan)
Wedding Rings: Cartier platinum band + Tiffany’s solitaire diamond band

I was so excited to finally wear this sweatshirt – it arrived a little while ago, and it’s been so cold here I haven’t felt able to put it into full rotation.  It looks like I put it on upside-down, which is the whole point of the design.  I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to wear it exactly.  I wore it pulled down (like a tunic, to cover my tummy) – but found that this pushed the batwing sleeves so far down that they connected almost at my waist, and this severely limited arm movement (and meant I couldn’t get my jacket on).  (I’m not sure I really understand the design of this top…)

 Well, it was uncharacteristically warm today, so I guess that’s okay!

Perhaps you’re supposed to wear it gathered up and wear a layer underneath to cover up the belly.  And theoretically one could turn it upside-down and wear it that way too.  You could DIY something like this – just by buying a sweatshirt that has batwing arms (or super-low armscyes), and making a slit on either side of the neck-ribbing to accommodate your hips.  Perhaps a XXXL sweatshirt would suffice?  I shall have to investigate further…

I’ve been taking some multimedia classes at a local community college so I can redo my portfolio and enter the industry here.  Today was the last day of the design seminar – and I realized I should have been photographing my outfits on the other days leading up to this – but it’s been pouring with rain for most of the month, so the photographic conditions outside have just been horrible. 

It’s been great to get out from behind the computer and really interact with other people into design and art – and it reminds me how much I’ve missed this world.  I’ve always wanted to tell stories – I began illustrating my first stories at the age of 3, and dictated them to my mother, who wrote the words below my drawings and stapled the pages together so I could make my “books.”  I loved my own books the most out of all the books I owned!  I wanted first to be an artist, then to be a director (movies), then an actress, then an animator.  But what I was really trying to be was a storyteller – and I never knew that was what it was or what it was called.  And Fashion is just another story – just a different way of expressing ideas and creativity in a physical sense.  I feel it’s all incredibly related…

So in Portland, there’s no work for those who want to design clothing for the misses’ contemporary market unless you create your own line (and I’ve already gone down that road once and I’m not sure if I want to go down it again)…so therefore the logical career path for me to pursue is storytelling – i.e., illustration, animation, film/video, multimedia (since I majored in Film/Video in my undergrad and have 2 certificates in Animation).  But I have to brush up on the software, since in the years since I left school so much has changed…hence, back to school, and networking, and getting feedback for polishing my portfolio.

Telling stories creatively + fashion blogging?  Can I do it both?  It remains to be seen…

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3 Responses to “1.22.11 Outfit: Upside-Down Sweatshirt”

  1. How cool that you have a background in filmmaking! We should make some video tutorials together.

  2. This is one of my faves of your looks! Simple and with one quirky piece and then the drool-worthy boots!

  3. From what I've seen, you can do anything! And everything.


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