30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 27

In DIY, Outfits on November 30, 2010 by Naoko Takano

 Silver Chains Earcuff: handmade by me.  WORD! Velcro T-shirt: DIY.  Ruched-Sleeve Top: Kenneth Cole new york.  Rings: Forever 21, Claire’s, Payless, and handmade by me.  Cut-Off Jean Shorts: DIY.  Tights: ??  Tricolor Socks: Target.  Belted Legwarmers: from Japan, a long time ago.  Sam Edelman Zoe Booties:

Day 27 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 27.

This t-shirt I made last year by attaching some velcro strips to the front, and adding iron-on letters to bits of velcro so I could spell out whatever I want.  I didn’t make enough E’s, though…apparently;-)

Tutorial for WORD! Velcro Tee coming soon!

My shorts I made from a pair of beloved jeans that I wore so much I wore huge, gaping holes in the knees…so I cut them off, added faux pockets sticking out beyond the hems, and distressed the denim with sandpaper and my drill.

Tutorial for Faux Pocket Jean Shorts coming soon!

I fell in love with the earcuffs made by Etsy seller uptights...but being me, of course I made my own version out of some chain and charms I had floating around in my bead-drawer.

My version of the earcuff.

I love the delicate, swingy chains and how they mix in with my hair!  (I may indeed add a spike to the top as a counterbalance, but they’re pretty heavy, so I feel like my ear will get sore after a day of wearing it.)

If you love earcuffs and body chains, definitely check out her Etsy store above!!

I layered a pair of belted legwarmers over a pair of scrunched-down thigh-high socks for extra warmth.  I love these Sam Edelman shoes – I just removed the harnesses for this outfit since I thought the silver buckles clashed with the bronze buckles of the legwarmers.  You could totally DIY these belted legwarmers with a couple of belts, or you could make your own with some vinyl and belt buckles.  Either way, it would be pretty easy!

Pudding is perplexed by me for some reason.


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6 Responses to “30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 27”

  1. Lovely outfit ^^
    How did you make that earcuff? I can't figure out how it stays on your ear … 😀

  2. I wonder that too, as I made my own as well and had to bend the top quite a lot so they will enclose my ear securely.
    I posted the last round of outfits today. What a wild ride.
    You can find them and those of the last week here, if you'd like to check them out:

    I'm looking forward to your final outfits. xo Katarina

  3. You are always so beautiful and creative AND you are rocking that hair girl!

  4. ooo I'm ready for that jean short tutorial! I have the perfect pair of jeans that I'd love to turn into some cute shorts like that 🙂

  5. Carly, I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE you blog and this is probably my favorite outfit out of all 30. I'm begging you, pleaaassee make a tutorial for that earcuff! I really want to wear one for my winter formal but I just can't find the right one online, so when I saw that you made your own… I get that your probably super busy, so if a tutorial's out of the question, where did you get that peice that goes around the back of your ear?

  6. @Riechan and @Natalie said…:
    Thanks for your kind words! The earcuff “backbone” is actually a necklace finding from Michael's bent over into the shape of my ear so it “hugs” the top. It does stay on pretty well if there are heavier items at the very bottom to balance it out. Since it's very similar to the pieces I was inspired by I feel a little uncomfortable writing the tutorial (since the original is by an up-and-coming designer). I hope you understand and can figure it out from the photos!
    Good luck!:-)

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