30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 17

In Accessories, DIY, Outfits on November 19, 2010 by Naoko Takano

 Scottie-print scarf: DIY.  Chiffon ruffle blouse: Victoria’s Secret.  Denim bustier: Forever 21.  Assorted pins: vintage; from Japan; Lamb Tac Pin:; kilt pin handmade by me.  Pebble-print silk skirt: Banana Republic.  Dainty Lace Ankle Socks:  Striped espadrille wedges: Old Navy.

Day 17 in my 30 Days of Outfits Challenge: November 17.

Can you tell what runway show I was inspired by?

 photos by Marcio Madeira,

Yup!  Miu Miu S/S 2010.  It was such an amazing collection with so many fabulous pieces…you could really take each look apart, bit by bit, and find yourself with so many versatile and chic accessories, jewelry items, and unique clothing.

I felt somewhat springy today (even though the weather was anything but)…and so wanted to try mixing patterns and colors and just going crazy with my outfit.

Can you guess what I made my scarf from?

…A pair of little girl’s pajama pants!!!

Yes, I found the pants at the Goodwill Outlet in Spring.  The print reminded me of the Miu Miu collection, they felt satiny, and were still in great condition.

 So I washed them and then did the following:

1. Separate the legs into two separate pieces by cutting all the seams apart.

2. Sew the legs together at the waist, so you have one long piece.  Cut the ends on an angle so they look more “scarf”-like.

3. With right sides together, stitch around the edges, leaving about 2″ free.

4. Turn right-side-out and press.

5. Stitch remaining hole closed.

Very, very simple!  I had been searching in fabric stores for a silky print similar to the ones in the Miu Miu show, but the fabric stores here aren’t progressive to carry anything similar.  Silky pajamas have a number of great, fun prints – that are definitely very Miu-Miu-esque and look fabulous as an accent piece!

I bought this blouse something like 15 years ago and have not worn it once.  Not once!  The tag is still on it, I’m ashamed to say.  Well, now I’ve worn it!;-)

A great way to jazz up a top is to pin on a variety of brooches and pins.  I chose to do so smack-dab in the middle, which is a bit unusual, but (I think) it works.  I made the bottom brooch from a kilt pin and bits of rhinestone jewelry, beads, and findings I had lying around.

And espadrille wedges are so not confined to summer!  You can certainly wear them all year round (though you may have to switch up your leg-coverings;-)

What do you think?  Is anyone going to try embellishing with brooches differently…or start searching for that perfect pair of pajama pants to repurpose into a scarf?;-)

Oh, and Katarina from She sells sea shells has posted more of her outfits in this Challenge.  Have you checked out her blog yet?  Please visit and say hi!


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7 Responses to “30 Days of Outfits Challenge: Day 17”

  1. Thanks for the mentioning.
    Funnily I saw a silk fabric with the excact same scotty print in the fabric store. It's my favourite fabric they sell but I never buy it becuse I never knew what to do with it. But I sure show everybody who's accompanying me the fabric while aahhhing and oohhhing over it.

  2. I love everything about this outfit, but that scarf is particularly TDF! I've always wanted a Scottie but I can't bring myself to buy a dog. Sigh.

  3. The whole pajamas into scarf thing is incredibly clever! So cute and Mui Mui-ish!

  4. Love the scarf idea!

  5. @KatarinaHa! Maybe the manufacturer of this fabric also sold some to that fabric store you go to! Too funny:-)

  6. @Tara of CT Yankees in SC and Traveler's TalesAwww, Tara! Well, maybe you can live vicariously through these Scottie-print pajama bottoms…ohwait, that sounds weird…

  7. @SaraThanks Sara! I really had Miu Miu on the brain there for awhile…;-)

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