My Halloween Costume

In Costumes, Holidays, Japan on November 4, 2010 by Naoko Takano

Just a little break from the 30 Days of Outfits…

Or maybe a PREQUEL???!  😉

I went as a Ninja.

Every year Lil Tot has decreed what Mama will be for Halloween.  When he was 1, he had a high fever and we didn’t do Halloween at all (though I did have a little bee costume for him)

At 2, he was a lobster and told me I should be a witch.

At 3, he was Harry Potter and told me to be a pirate.

At 4, he was Dash from The Incredibles and I was told to be a fairy.

But at 5, though he was going as a vampire it seemed he had no preference as to what I wore!

So I looked into my closet to figure out what I could cobble together with stuff I already had, and I managed to scrape together the perfect ninja costume.

I knew Hub would find it amusing that I was wearing a Japanese happi [coat] that said MATSURI [festival] on the back of it, along with numerous festival-related markings – since I last wore it in 1991 at my local town festival where I helped hoist a gigantic, 1000-pound shrine on my shoulders and carry it through the village.  Not fun.

Anyway, I figured most people, especially those who can’t read Japanese, wouldn’t know the un-authenticity of the coat, and it would read “ninja.”  Especially when paired with Lil Tot’s ski mask, black leggings and turtleneck, and an old pair of tights I cut up to use as armwarmers.  I also used a scarf I made as a belt.

And yes, everyone we met during Trick-or-Treating “got” that I was a ninja!  A lot of people seemed to love my shoes, which are authentic tabi – at 11, I was obsessed with the Japanese construction workers’ uniforms, which consisted of a pair of wide trousers that ballooned at the knees [tobi], and a pair of split-toe shoes with rubber soles [tabi]. 

 (photo from source website linked below)

My father worked up the courage to visit a clothing store for construction workers and buy a pair of trousers and a pair of tabi for me as a birthday present.  So I held onto them!  The shoes are uber-comfortable, but of course I can only wear them (and the pants) as part of a costume;-)   [Many workers still wear that uniform today, though their numbers appear to be dwindling.  If you are interested in the traditional uniform of Japanese construction workers, as well as a thorough explanation of how each apparel element came about (it’s a fascinating read!), click here.]

And the sword is a plastic thing Lil Tot won at the fair.

Hope you guys all had a great Halloween!  (Or Bonfire Night;-)


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10 Responses to “My Halloween Costume”

  1. I love your costume. Its great.
    Kind regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  2. very cool! Love the shoes ^^

  3. Haha great costume! I went as a Geisha to a party and wore the sock version! So fun! Slightly uncomfortable, but fun!

  4. aaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!!! I LOVE that you did this!!!!!!! You are so fabulous Carly!! What an awesome costume and oh my GOD! You are absolutely in character with your poses and intensity!!

    I am a big Ninja freak so I am totally in awe of this… so much so that I sound like a freakin' crazed fool!!!

    fabulous fabulous fabulous. I will definitely be reading the info the links lead to… I've been immersed in Japanese culture most of the week… not sure if I told you I play Taiko…

    Would love to see your other Halloween costume pics and your litle Vampire too.

  5. That is one awesome costume!

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  7. Oh goodness…how fun! You look super cute.

  8. Your costume is sick!!! I love it. LOL you look so official and everything like a real ninja. Fabulous!


  9. I love the idea of letting your kid pick your costumes!!! Definitely something I will steal should we ever have children 🙂

  10. @Connecticut Yankees In South CarolinaYes, Lil Tot usually has enjoyed it since it's one of the few times he gets to tell me what to wear. (Usually on most days, I'm the one picking out his clothing.) I'm like a real-life dress-up doll!!;-)

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