Announcing: The 30 Days of Outfits Challenge

In Announcements, Outfits, Styling on November 2, 2010 by Naoko Takano

Yes, this is my closet.  I store vests and cardis over dresses and blouses, and necklaces over that.  Basically 3 things to a hanger.  It’s scary.

Like many people, I have a whole lotta clothing in my closet I rarely wear.  Day after day (since my routine is pretty much the same), I usually default to tried-and-true clothing combinations and outfits.  As a result, when I look into my closet I see so many pieces I haven’t worn for awhile.  One month stretches into two, then more…and I realize I haven’t worn stuff for 6 months to a year or more, simply because I’ve gotten into a fashion rut.

Well, you know what I need to break me out of it??  A CHALLENGE!

For 30 days for the month of November, I’m challenging myself to wear a completely-different, heretofore forgotten outfit each day, never wearing the same thing twice.  (How will this help? you may ask.  Well, it will remind me how much I love certain pieces that I’ve forgotten about.  And stimulate my creativity.  And help me clean out and purge that ol’ closet of mine.  And help me be a better style blogger, since I post outfits only once in a blue moon.)

From now until November 30, I’ll be challenging myself to put together a unique outfit each day – and wear it all darn day, even if I’m just sitting on the living room couch, blogging and watching Law & Order: SVU reruns.  And each of my outfits will contain something I’ve made or DIY’ed!  This is a perfect chance for me to share with all of you some tutorials and ideas I haven’t gotten around to yet.

So, would anybody like to attempt the challenge with me? Do it until the end of November, wait until December, only do a week, whatever!   Let me know in the comments and I’ll link to your blog!  It’s just a bit of fun and some motivation to truly express your style.:-)


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8 Responses to “Announcing: The 30 Days of Outfits Challenge”

  1. Wish I could participate but with having to wear a uniform to work I'd never be able to do it. BUT, I'll be sure to stay tuned in everyday for pics, and you've got someone to “donate” all the stuff you no longer wear to, hehe!

    Best of luck in the challenge!

  2. when I read your post, I went: ugh, I have the same thing… but it's mainly things i really like but I don't wear 'cause I haven't found the right occasion … I'd love to take up the challenge. (Don't know about posting an outfit every day though 'cause of lot's of things to do for school) We can do this! I'll join for a week or longer, see how long I can last 😀

  3. I don't think I have enough clothes to pull it off, particularly because the weather here (and my temp job) will put my shorts on the shelves. Still, I bet I can try for the spirit of the thing!

  4. ooo I'm excited to see what you put together! 🙂

    I might try for a week or two, there's some stuff in my closet I have yet to wear….*is ashamed*

  5. When I read the post yesterday, I thought: she's reading my mind. I challenged myself to do the same thing like two weeks ago but didn't blog about it. As with most things, doing it together with others helps me to keep on track. But I wasn't sure about doing and blogging about it, not because of a lack of clothes but time. Today I thought, why not?!, but I'll do my own version of it:
    I'll post my outfits of monday to friday (no one want's to see my pjs and sweat pants that I wear during the weekend), but all as one post each friday- I apprechiate your daily posts but that would be too time consuming for me. Also I haven't that many bottoms and also like to wear camisoles and ts underneath but haven't 30 of them, so my challenge will be to not wear a top-item twice as long as possible or untill I run out of them.
    I'm looking forward to your outfits, especially the DIY-stuff. I totally agree, it will be a great opportunity to show sewn and crafted things that just haven't made it to the blog yet.

  6. I was recently bitten by the sewing bug and am thrilled to start making things. 30 days of different outfits terrifies me. Why? Because I stay at home w/5 babies and my daily “outfits” consist of pajama pants and t shirts. I know, very sad. But, I'm interested. Maybe I can actually attempt an outfit a couple times a week?

  7. This sounds like sooo much fun! I'd love to play. I'm not sure if I can last a whole month but I'd love to give it a try.


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