Rowenta Pro Master Iron Giveaway

In Giveaways, Of House and Home, Project Runway on October 15, 2010 by Naoko Takano

Rowenta, the official garment care provider of Project Runway, is offering Chic Steals readers a chance to win a Rowenta Pro Master iron! This season of Project Runway might be over in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean the style has to end too.  With your own iron – the very same as used by the designers on the show – you can take inspiration from the show to create your own signature looks!

Mondo using the Rowenta Pro Master Iron in one of his creations on Project Runway.

The ROWENTA® Pro Master Iron puts a professional tool in consumers’ hands with a commercial grade shot of steam.

Featuring the patented Rowenta microsteam soleplate with 400 micro-holes for ultimate steam distribution, this Faltazi-designed iron is more than an everyday tool; it’s a beautiful work of art.

Created with a 3-Way Smart Automatic Shut-Off system, the iron switches off in 8 minutes if left vertical, 30 seconds if left horizontal or if tipped over. This model comes in a trendy blue color that will add a little fun to any ironing. The addition of the sleek, stainless steel skirt adds a modern touch.

The Pro Master Iron has a 7-foot electrical cord with a 360-degree pivot making it easy to iron almost anything, anywhere. With 1700W of power, it’s simple to get professional results at home with ease.

• High Power – 1700 watts of power for professional results
• Burst of Steam – Produces a powerful burst for effective wrinkle removal from difficult fabrics
• Variable Steam – Allows steam output to be adjusted to accommodate all types of fabric
• High Precision Tip – Perfect for accessing hard-to-reach areas
• Vertical Steam – Allows iron to be used in upright position to remove wrinkles from hanging garments
• Cool Spray Mist – Provides a light mist to remove stubborn wrinkles
• Extra Large Water Tank – Easy to fill and holds 12.7 ounces
• Self Clean System – Flushes out loose mineral deposits ensuring optimal performance
• Anti-Calc System – Integrated cartridge for extended life of the iron
• Anti-Drip System – Helps prevent spitting and leaking when the thermostat is on a low setting
• Comfort Handle – Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort

Christopher also using the iron in one of the Project Runway challenges.

For all of you who DIY or habitually make clothing…or who love to keep your clothing looking as neat and fresh as the day you bought it…an iron is an absolute MUST.  And if you’re using said iron a lot, then eventually the quality of it becomes a deciding factor in how fast and how well you get your ironing done, your creases pressed, your seams steamed, your interfacings fused.  I myself bought a cheapy iron from a megamart store when I moved out to Portland – and you know what?  Given the sheer amount I use it, I heartily regret such a purchase.  It falls over, leaks, steams inefficiently, dirties up the water, tangles itself in the cord…I dread using that iron because whatever I’m doing it always adds another 15+ minutes of wrangling with it.  An iron like this would be a lifesaver – for both regular pressing and for DIY’ing your clothing!

One lucky Chic Steals reader will win a Rowenta Pro Master Iron (ARV: $125!)

How to Enter
Edit 10/24: The entry period is now closed and a winner will be announced shortly.

Be a follower of Chic Steals (in Google reader, Bloglovin, another RSS feed, etc.) and Leave a Comment on this post below telling me what you will create with your Rowenta Pro Master Iron!  (Make sure your email address is in your comment or profile so I can contact you if you win!)

Giveaway open to anyone in the U.S.
Apologies to my international readers!:-(
Giveaway period is open from today until Saturday, Oct. 23, 11:59 PM PST. 
(I’ve extended it a day)
Winner chosen by

Good luck!


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34 Responses to “Rowenta Pro Master Iron Giveaway”

  1. I'd love this as my fiance can't get over the fact that any tshirt I wash for him becomes more crumpled than it was when he put it into the wash basket! So I'd use it to make our clothes look great!

    I'm a follower with Google reader.

  2. I'm a follower on Google Reader. I JUST found this dress from ModCloth that I want to try to recreate (I have a glorious vintage fabric that I'm dying to use, and some great lace for the collar), but I don't have an iron! In the past I've had to resort to borrowing my roommate's (which is sucky, by the way). This would make ALL of my little projects so much easier, and make my clothes look so wonderfully crisp at interviews (maybe I'll actually get an internship this time!).

    Katharine Cook

  3. I have always wanted a Rowenta, I hear they are the best! I would use this to make all my crafty Christmas gifts (especially considering I ruined my iron making a Halloween costume).

  4. i need to learn to iron so that will be my first step!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  5. clothes, blankets, aprons, all my Christmas presents, I desperately need a new iron!

  6. Well, my husband would be overjoyed if I won. I've been leaving rust stains behind on all of his work clothes with the crappy iron we have. I've always wanted a Rowenta but the price tag always steers me away, as we're trying to save our pennies. As for the things I'd create, ideas more or less come to me randomly, although I would be able to start a pleated pillow I've always wanted to try! Fingers crossed!

  7. Wow! This would be perfect for the bed set I'll be working on next month, not to mention all the other little projects we have going on.

  8. I will create nice draping tops! With this iron I can iron out those nagging folds on my silk blouses too

  9. A pair of scalloped shorts is very high up on my list of things I want to make, and a great iron is important for getting the fabric to lay correctly and not pucker at the curves!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. A great winter dress!


  11. Rowenta's are the BEST irons on the market by far. I would love to replace the crappy one that I have now for one that doesn't leave residue on my clothes.

    mommymoxie2010(at) gmail (dot) com

  12. I would love it have it as the one I have is over 20 years old and it wasn't new when I got it and it is not exactly “green” – whenever I plug it in all the lights in the room go dim.

    I follow your blog and I would use it not only for any applique projects using Heat N Bond, but for pressing open seams, pressing hems and general ironing.

  13. I love to sew anything but my iron is SO SO SO bad, I can place my hand on it when it is on, it gets warm but that's it. I love to make toys for the cat.

  14. Oh this would be wonderful, I'm just starting to make a wool jacket and pants, and I've been using a travel iron for years, you know the tiny one with the handle that folds down. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. I would make bags, tons of bags! I so need a new iron!

  16. Well other than ironing my regular clothes, I want to try and make a belted trench which I need to use interfacing for but my old iron just sticks to the interfacing! lol Good lcuk to all who enter!

    chef baby girl @ hotmail dot com

  17. Thanks to a crafty project gone wrong, I have officially ruined my old iron. Found out the hard way when it left a huge brown iron shaped burn onto one of my favorite blouses.:(

    I follow with Google Reader and would make my closet look as pretty as Kim Kardashian’s if I had this amazing iron.

  18. Okay. I'm a follower, but to be honest…I'm entering and can't tell you what I will create with this iron…because…wait for it…

    I don't know how to iron.

    Seriously, my mom tried to teach me once and I was horrible. I never bothered with it again.

    So if I win…instead of creating something, I will teach myself to iron. I WILL I WILL I WILL. 😉

  19. I WANT TO WIN THIS SO BAD! I am a follower all over of your Blogski! I have used Rowenta Irons in the past and they are the absolute best when it comes to applying interfacings, and pressing seams open! I will create amazing outerwear with this baby!



  20. I love to sew and could use a fabulous iron to keep my creations wrinkle free. I follow on bloglovin.

  21. I'm a follower on my RSS feed and I believe Bloglovin. I'd love to have this. As a sewing newbie I've come to realize how vital it is to have a reliable iron. Currently I have a cheapo iron that like you I bought at mass store and after completing my first sewing project Ive come to realize how horrid it is. It spurts how water in an awful brown shade tinting any fabric I use and takes about 10+ minutes to heat it up. If I had this iron I would love to sew my first dress from scratch from my sewing list which Ive been holding off on for a while.



  22. Wow I've been wanting a rowenta Iron for Ever!!! It's not what I would make with it but what I wouldn't burn with it! I have a horrible problem of melting my sewing projects. I will spend hours sewing a crepe sheath dress only to ruin it in a matter of seconds by using a cheap iron with poor heat regulations. I'm following you on bloglovin love your stuff!


  23. Oooh shiny! I couldn't pick just one thing to create… but as for right now, I'm thinking Halloween costume 🙂 Haven't decided exactly what yet (I guess giant squid has the potential to be too phallic…)

  24. I subscribe in Google Reader, and I'd use this to make some new curtains for my apartment!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  25. I follow in Bloglovin', and I'd use the iron to create unwrinkled clothing! Seriously, I could really use this as I get back into sewing–my current iron is okay but is starting to go on me, and it was never as nice as this one to begin with! Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. Hey Chic Steal,
    Follower on Facebook now and Google.
    Rowenta rocks , need to hand down my current one tomy fasion design college student, press those seams Courteney!
    I will continue to iron just about eerything I own, sheets , hubby shirts , jeans, I just do, like the the look of ironed!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I follow via Google Reader. I sew a lot of garments (Hereish! ), and this would replace the cheap old iron I inherited from my mother, which I swear is trying to kill me with its old wiring.


  28. I saw this on my wife's computer and thought I'd enter for her. I'm not sure what she'd make using the iron but there are bins full of fabric that I'm sure would turn out to be something beautiful.

  29. This will help in making some cute christmas gifts for my little cousins.

  30. I do lots of sewing and accessories tutorials for my blog, many of which involve an iron, so I'd love to have a professional-quality tool like this one for my projects!

    Thanks for the giveaway, Carly!

  31. what a great giveaway! I'd love this iron to press my first professional clothes for ny first professional internship!!!

  32. I would Love Love Love to make my sister's wedding dress! Love your blog!
    Breyondavis at gmail dot com

  33. Ooh, neat! Thanks for the reminder post-I had the original starred in Google reader but haven't gone through my starred items in a while. I'm just learning to sew and hopefully this will help with the new clothes I make! E-mail is

  34. I missed the giveaway, but wanted to fill some of the commenters in: I have a less-expensive Rowenta model ($65 or $85). I don't quite remember, but I know I had a rebate from Bed Bath and beyond on it too.

    Worth every penny! Fantastic steam, will even steam curtains upright. Takes tap water, no more bottles of distilled!

    Had mine over a year, and not one second of trouble.

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