Recommendations…For Paris??!

In Announcements, Vacation on October 13, 2010 by Naoko Takano

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Dear Wonderful Readers,
In 2 days’ time I will be visiting the lovely City of Lights for the first time ever!  [My inlaws are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary and are graciously bringing us along for the trip.]  I’ve never been!

So, here’s my question for all of you…

Do any of you have any recommendations for yummy places to eat, must-see locales, or fabulous shops (affordable;-) in Paris?

We are planning on visiting the Louvre, the Chanel store, Pierre Herme for the macarons and cakes, Berthillion ice cream, the Les Puces flea market, and Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet by the Palace of Versailles.

If anyone has any must-sees or eats, I’m all ears!  Thanks a bunch~


P.S. I will only have intermittent access to email/internet while there but I’m trying to automate my posts so you’ll all have reading material while I’m gone…not sure how much I can do in advance but I’ll try! 

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7 Responses to “Recommendations…For Paris??!”

  1. If you´re looking for affordable second hand by the bag, head first out to KILIWATCH. I bought the most there 🙂

  2. Hi Carly,

    Whats not to love about paris? My favourite area to traipse around in is the Le Marais area – its the old jewish quarter and has been gentrified with shops cafes vintage store etc – Free P Star is a crazy vintage shop there where everything is 10 euros of less.

    One of the funnest restuarants I have been to is in Paris and called 'Andy Whaloo', its in an old townhouse near the Pompidou Centre and if the weather is nice there is the most beautiful courtyard. Its pretty quirky and something a bit different from your usual paris bistro.

    Le Puces De Vanves – another flea market on a sunday. Its on the outskirts of town but worth the trip if you like hunting for bargains and treasures, its a bit more down to earth than the larger markets.

    Grab a bike from the velo hire and ride out to Parc Des Buttes Chaumont- its very pretty.

  3. I could say a million things but no matter how many suggestions I give you, you'll still never see all that Paris has to offer and you'll be dying to go back 🙂

    My TOP recommendation is a restaurant. It's called L'Entracte Opera. If you are standing in the street facing the Paris opera house, it's to the left of the opera building and across the street. There is a big cafe on the corner…that's NOT it…it's a little place, you would blink and miss it. But the prices are great and they have the best Croque Monsieur you'll ever taste!

  4. Definitely go walk around the area called Les Marais if you want some good shopping!!

  5. Lucky you, Carly!!! I want to go back. I went with a large tour group. I love Le Marais but stayed near the 9th arrondissement. There were so many fabulous shops. Just walked around and you'll be amazed!

  6. ps. Visit Espace Dali, if you are a Salvador Dali fan.

  7. I hope I am not too late in making this suggestion because if you like excellent, yet simple food you MUST go to Rose Bakery (in the 9th Arrondissement)! They serve breakfast, lunch, and tea. I suggest going for an early lunch (their selection goes quickly at this time of day).

    Address to Rose Bakery:
    46, Rue des Martyrs, 9th Arr.

    Nearest Metro stations are probably St. Georges or Anvers.

    Directions (may not be the best):
    If you are coming from the opera house take Rue la Fayette, turn left on Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette, take a right on Rue des Martyrs. Warning: Big Hill! But Rose Bakery will be on your right.

    Also, St. Georges Metro station is on Rue Notre-Dame de Lorette (I think), past the junction to Rue des Martyrs when you come from the opera house.

    I hope this helps you find this tiny jem in big Paris with ease. If you do make it there I would love to hear what you thought.

    ~ Amy

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