$50 Macy’s Gift Card Giveaway from Macy’s "Find Your Magic Campaign"

In Cool Sites, Cool Stores, Giveaways on October 7, 2010 by Naoko Takano

This Fall Macy’s invites you to “Find Your Magic” with their latest campaign just in time for the holiday season.

With the tag line “Whatever it is that dazzles, delights, or excites you this fall, it’s in the bag at Macy’s,” this interactive section to the site has daily shopping picks, details on fun in-store events, and a Fashion Director Daily Challenge with create-your-own outfit and outfit sharing feature where you could win a $100 gift card to Macy’s!

To drive the magic bag message in-store, Macy’s is also displaying dresses made entirely from the shopping bag that measure over 10 feet high.  (Can’t wait to check those out!)

Last month, Macy’s released their “Find Your Magic” TV commercial, featuring celebrity designers including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Tommy Hilfiger, Jennifer Lopez, Rachel Roy, Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart and Donald Trump.

To commemorate this new campaign, Macy’s is giving away a $50 Macy’s Gift Card to one lucky Chic Steals reader!

How to Enter
Edit 10/15: The entry period is over and the winner will be announced shortly!

Watch the video above – and Leave a Comment on this post below telling me what part of the video you liked best!  (Make sure your email address is in your comment or profile so I can contact you if you win!)

Giveaway open to anyone in the U.S.
Apologies to my international readers!:-(
Giveaway period is open from today until Thursday, Oct. 14, 11:59 PM PST.
Winner chosen by

Good luck!

And head to Macy’s now through October 11 for their Columbus Day Sale, with 25 – 70% off storewide (and an added 10 – 15% off with your Macy’s card or pass – available here – just enter your zipcode, locate the Columbus Day sale flier, and download and print your pass for in-store savings!!)  Online there are huge discounts to be had during this sale too – with 2-day specials and an extra 25% savings on all Clearance items…also use coupon code SAVENOW to get free shipping off any order $99+.

Happy Columbus Day Shopping!


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48 Responses to “$50 Macy’s Gift Card Giveaway from Macy’s "Find Your Magic Campaign"”

  1. Lol @ Jessica Simpson flying in the air.

  2. I like that it doesn't make any sense. That's the magic. lol

  3. My favorite part is when they show the Spiderman balloon. My son gets so excited every time he watches it and I just love the look he gets on his face 🙂

  4. LOVED seeing all the different parade balloons as the sales guy ran through the back inventory!


  5. Rachel Roy! I'm looking forward to checking out some of her affordable designs!!


  6. I love Martha's turquoise headphones and I want those red valet cupcakes too!!:). I want her entire kitchen collection at Macy's.

  7. The part with all those shoe boxes in the warehouse!
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  8. I love the whole thing…but I will say Jessica Simpson.

  9. I like seeing the parade balloons.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  10. Haha, what a fun giveaway and funny video! I like the ballons, I have been thinking about using balloons as props recently.
    P.S. congrats on the article! I live in Hillsboro! Did we know we lived so close? I can't remember…

  11. I think when Trump says “Where's my usual guy?” is my favorite 🙂

    taralynne1213 AT gmail DOT com

  12. I liked the whole thing! But especially Donald Trump. He always makes me laugh.

  13. I liked the randomness of it..
    but I like jess.
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  14. very fun!
    boon1211 at gmail dot com

  15. I hope I get picked. Hihi. I loved the part at the end, actually, when the sales guy just shrugged and smiled as if bracing himself for another adventure when asked to locate the other shoe the lady wanted him to get. 🙂

  16. I love these Macy's commercials. I liked Martha the best. She's effortlessly chic.
    Brittany L.

  17. I loved the Snoopy balloon ♥ Haha am I supposed to like one of the celebs? 😛

    paintinggirl [at] gmail [dot] com

  18. it was fun seeing Martha Stewart!

    — Sophie

  19. Trump is my favorite,he cracks me up!

  20. I think my favorite part is Jessica Simpson

  21. I love how there's so many boxes of shoes!

    evil_eva12 at hotmail dot com

  22. The best part is Martha Stewart. I love how she always seems mildly irritated and yet totally unfazed!

  23. My favorite part was the perfume and flower 🙂 yay flowers!

  24. My favorite part is the endless wall of shoes. =)

  25. Martha Stewart's headphones are fabulous! Definitely my favorite part.

  26. That actor was fun to watch interact with all the others.


  27. Loved the part where Jennifer sprayed the flower with perfume and it opened! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Shoes shoes shoes!!!!
    oh and the spiderman baloon!

  29. I like the Jennifer Lopez part and the Donald part. This is a super cute commercial!

  30. that purple gown!


  31. My favorite part was the wonderful shoe wall.

    katie dot ernest at gmail dot com

  32. I love when Diddy (what are we supposed to call him now?) asks “Was he is my shot?” It seems like he was poking fun at himself and his ego. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Mine is a toss up between Martha and The Donald-both are so serious, yet so funny in this commercial.

    mommymoxie2010 at gmail dot com

  34. The shoes, the shoes!!! And Jessica Simpson. Hilarious!

    r.r.butcher at gmail dot com

  35. The elf and Trump…”where's my usual guy?” funny, I'm sure he would say that

  36. OMG I just love it all!!! Really loved when Martha Stewart put on those blue head phones and warned of the confetti guns though! hahahaha
    one 4 earth at aol dot com

  37. what a GREAT commercial! I normally HATE commercials but I love how this one reminds me of the Thanksgiving Day Parade which is a family tradition to watch on TV every year! Love JLO with the perfume and rose too!
    nynekats at aol dot com

  38. I loved Jennifer Lopez's little floral world. Very Alice in Wonderland.


  39. I love the wall of shoe boxes! I can only dream of a world in which I need a ladder to access all of my pairs. Jessica Simpson flying through the air? This was such a cute commercial/video!

  40. hahah the whole thing is cute! i like the j.lo part the best though. her dress was gorgeous!


  41. I like the look on his face at the end as he's about to go on another trip through the magical storeroom. Actually, I'd like to go on a trip through the magical storeroom!

  42. Um, probably the elf guy that goes up to Donald Trump or Jessica Simpson with the balloon were my favorite parts. It was a cute video!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  43. love the jessica simpson flying in the air

  44. I liked Martha's headphones the best. I've been on the lookout for a pair that is cute but also good quality.

  45. i liked the thanksgiving parade balloon storage! its like the behind-the-scenes macy's is just a gigantic magical warehouse

  46. My fave part of the video is when Jennifer Lopez sprays the flower and it opens. I also just like that they have the Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons in the commercial because I LOVE the holidays 🙂

    stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

  47. i love the huge balloon of Snoopy and elves! 🙂

  48. J.Lo's garden is so pretty!

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