Win a $100 Marshall’s Gift Card – And 7 Days of Fashion from Marshall’s

In Contests, Giveaways, Off-Price Retailing, Outfits, Styling on September 29, 2010 by Naoko Takano

As I’ve been hinting since last week, there was a Challenge given to the bloggers in attendance at the Marshall’s event last Tuesday (where I learned a lot about off-price retailing – check out my write-up here if you are interested in this particular sector of the clothing market).

10 Bloggers were in attendance at the event, and we were each gifted with a $100 gift card to use to purchase some items to work into our wardrobes.

Then we had to incorporate the items we bought into a Week’s Worth of Outfits, mixig them with other pieces that were already in our wardrobes.

So here’s how I styled the above items my week:

Also wearing: Claire’s rhinestone earrings; Forever 21 ruffled-front blouse, wool tuxedo jacket, and mixed chain bracelet; Alloy Victorian booties

 Also wearing: Target 3-strand headband; envelope necklace from Reyney’s Etsy shop; Forever 21 collegiate blazer and goldtone chain ring; Newport-News oversized patent clutch; Alloy Parker Wedge heels

 Also wearing: Jeans Warehouse white ribbed tanktop; tie-dye cardigan (also from Marshall’s); gold coin long necklace from Aldo’s; Forever 21 woven belt; Old Navy Trouser Jeans

 Also wearing: chainmail viscose top from soo long ago the label’s gone; mixed white bangles from Pineapple County in Honolulu; vintage bangle; Old Navy chain pochette

 Also wearing: DIY filigree dangle earrings; DIY scarf; Claire’s “Dream” 2-finger ring; Forever 21 studded clutch and heeled combat boots

 Also wearing: Forever 21 sequined chain necklace; Ann Taylor leopard-print cardigan [Ebay]; Old Navy satin-edged cardigan; Target mixed-chain cuff; 2 DIY feathered bangles; Hue reversible tights

Also wearing: DIY spiked headband; silver key necklace from Japan; Urban Outfitters tassel bag; faux fur foxtail available in my Etsy shop; convertible Victoria’s Secret top worn as skirt; Alloy Marlane boots; cape from Ideeli slung over shoulder


So the challenge for you guys is: GIVE ME YOUR COMMENTS!  The blogger with the MOST comments on their Week of Outfits post receives a $100 Marshall’s gift card to give to one of their readers!

So…to be entered in the drawing to win a $100 Marshall’s/T.J. Maxx gift card…

Leave your Comments on this post!  
As many times as you want!  Tweet it, blog it, post it on Facebook!  Tell me what you thought of my outfits, if you liked anything I picked…anything!  I really want one of my fabulous readers to win – so the more times you comment, the more I’m likely to win this!

If I am the one to receive the most comments, I’ll be picking one comment from this post [with the help of] and awarding the reader the $100 Gift Card!  As you can see from above, if you shop smart there’s a TON of great items you can find at Marshall’s…so for anyone who’s longing for something new for Fall…to spice up their back-to-school wardrobe…needs to get some cute outfits for the kiddos…wants to get a head-start on Christmas gifts…or is desperately in need of a new coffee table…this $100 Gift Card will sure some in handy!

Contest is open until Oct. 4, 2010 at 5 PM EST.

So comment up a storm because we’ve got a lot of other bloggers to beat!!;-)

Check out the other bloggers’ Week of Outfits at:

Denim Debutante / Angry Julie Monday / Busy Bee Blogger / Modoration / The I E Mommy / Love, Lipstick, and Pearls / Simply Crismon / Hello Miss Chic / Soy Fashionista / Curves and Chaos


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108 Responses to “Win a $100 Marshall’s Gift Card – And 7 Days of Fashion from Marshall’s”

  1. Oh wow cool!

  2. Love day #6's look. It's got such a quirky vibe, perfect for a gallery opening.

  3. Awesome!!! I would loooove a giftcard.

  4. Your gallery opening outfit is my favorite of the bunch

  5. I love Marshall's…so much that I have to keep myself from going on a weekly basis!

    I love what you've done with the pieces!

  6. I hope you win so i can win….sorry if that is selfish!


  7. OK about the outfits. Love this idea and all the outfits you made.


  8. now im gonna share this on facebook and twitter so I (i mean you) can win this thing! :0)

    love your style!


  9. love days 1, 2, and 3! I adore that hat!!!

    I would love a gift card too so here's hoping 😉

  10. love your buys! i've been having a hard time with the challenge! i've gone to two other marshall's since the event and I've found tons of stuff i like, but not in my size. poopoo.

  11. I love Marshall's! Also I found your picks and combinations to be pretty inspirational for fall. The tie-dye cardigan is phenomenal!

  12. Love the fashion show one! It's awesome how well you create so many looks!

  13. I love Marshall's too! Such great bargains. I agree you defiantly need to win!

  14. Love the blog, read everyday! Good luck! Hope I helped!

  15. I always find great stuff at Marshall's, but I seemed to have forgotten about their tight selection! They really do stock the best name brands for tights. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. I loooove Marshall's – but I have often wondered if they get a lot of past season inventory to be able to offer such low prices, so thanks for your great article explaining how it works! Love that beaded tank top that you picked out!

  17. Oh I love the outfits and the fun stylings 🙂 great job. I think my favorite item is the menswear hat, although I always wimp out on actually wearing things like that!!

  18. I'm loving this post and the outfits! I can't believe how much thought you put in your posts and it looks so beautiful and organized ! love it

  19. I really love how you incorporated all of the pieces! The satin shorts definitely caught my own. I would have no idea how to style them myself so seeing you style them is pretty cool.

  20. What fun!

  21. I liked all these looks, but gallery opening stands out.

  22. As does job interview.

  23. Great job Carly! My fave looks are Days 1 and 3…I LOVE that skirt.

  24. I love the hat! I want the hat! I think I have a hat problem.


  25. I love the date night and gallery looks – good job!

  26. Bwhahahaha this is an amazing contest! I lurve the blue sandal/bootie things! THey're so unexpected and lots of fun!

  27. Also, your expressions in these pictures are priceless. Really, they are amazing and make the pictures that much more believable and HAPPY!

  28. awesome giveaway! I am in LOVE with marshalls! I always walk out with a great find!

    xxo, Vanessa

  29. You rock them all but I especially like the gallery opening.

  30. And again

  31. And again. (The job interview was cute,too and actually something I could wear.)

  32. Hey! It's! Just wanted to let you know again how great your posts are and to keep up the great work!

  33. Sadly, we don't have Marshall's in my STATE. When I got a gift card to Marshall's a year ago, My brother very kindly trekked with me across state lines to get to a Marshall's- where I scored a gorgeous Hobo brand cross-body bag, a beautiful fall wrap, and an Ann Klein belt…


  34. I adore TJ Maxx, though. We have several around here, and I find the best stuff there. I got my mother-in-law a Dooney & Burke bag for less than $50.


  35. I love your picks and how you how you mixed and matched them. Good luck.


  37. Great mix n matches! I love that beaded top!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  38. The Date Night outfit's the best!
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  39. I love the casual weekend shopping outfit, but I doubt you would actually wear high heels for shopping!

    ecoblogz at gmail dot com

  40. Liked your post 🙂
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  41. I really love those boots in the last outfit!


  42. I think TJ Maxx may be the only place I even look for handbags- there was a gorgeous Kate Spade bag at an awesome price last time I was there…


  43. I love the top from day 5.

  44. Great giveaway!

  45. I love shopping at Marshall.

  46. I shared this on facebook.

  47. Love that ruffle top in the 1st outfit!
    bunnybx at gmail . com

  48. OMG I love this challenge you took part in! What a neat way to mix and match great pieces and work them into what you already own!

  49. i love the blue shoes

  50. I adore all of your outfits, but I just love that military skirt. I never would have looked at it, but it is SO Cute!

  51. I used the retweet button ~ momof2dancers

  52. I love the “Job Interview” bag. Very cute

  53. i love those Charlie Albert Heels! it's amazing that you got them for less than $20!! 🙂


  54. i love your date night outfit!! so adorable!


  55. i retweeted this post 🙂


  56. Those shoes rock….

    deeandco3 at gmail dot com

  57. I tweeted:

    deeandco3 at gmail dot com

  58. I love Marshalls. It is amazing what $100.00 can buy…

    Good Luck!

    deeandco3 at gmail dot com

  59. You certainly found a ton of cute things. I love that handbag in the first photo.

  60. I love all the pieces. My fav outfit is Day 5 the lunch date it's soo totally me!

  61. Love it! All of them are so cute!

  62. I love the skirt you picked out!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  63. I love shopping at Marshalls

  64. I love the outfits that you picked out, they're beautiful!

  65. Thank you so much for this giveaway. I love your blog.

  66. My favorite is Day 1 “The Interview”

  67. I shared this on Facebook

  68. I just tweeted this giveaway

  69. It's amazing how much you can get for $100 at Marshalls

  70. I absolutely love the bag! Great color to be matched with a lot of outfits.

  71. A new TJMaxx just opened near me. Loving it so much!

  72. I just commented but may have left it on the wrong post…but I will say I'm loving the way you styled that hat! I'm drawn to fabulous hats but am never sure how to really wear them well – thanks for the inspiration!

  73. hope u win

  74. I'm also impressed with how much you were able to purchase with $100 – yay for Marshall's!

  75. You are great Carly!

  76. GOOD LUCK!

  77. Know you will win! You have such great followers

  78. Love the beaded shirt and the silk shorts, I have a pair just like them!

  79. I love Marshall's especially if I'm looking for a dress and don't have much $$$

  80. Please keep the posts coming! I love checking the blog daily.

  81. Love the fashion show day!

  82. Plus I could absolutely use a gift card, since I'm out of money to shop with for a while…haha

  83. I have never really tried out TJ Maxx but maybe this can help me broaden my horizons..

  84. (fingers crossed)

  85. Sharing on Facebook, we have to win this thing!

  86. All your posts are great! So glad I found this site.

  87. Need a new fall jacket!!! (hint hint) haha

  88. You seem like such a fashionable person, yet have a great quirkiness.

  89. Good luck!

  90. Hope I can help the blog!

  91. Keep up the awesome work!

  92. Very cool how your looks are so different yet have so much in common!

  93. Love the bag!!

  94. I'll be sure to check back tomorrow to see what happened!

  95. Love giveaways! Could never get tired of them!

  96. love you look!

  97. love you look!

  98. Oh, and those shoes are awesome!

  99. you are certainly talented at putting outfits together! Great job!

  100. I'm dying over the shorts/beaded top combo. Too, too cute.

    I love Marshalls!

  101. cute outfits

  102. cute outfits

  103. Best giveaway yet!

    r.r.butcher at gmail dot com

  104. I like the Date Night looks the best.

  105. what a great giveaway!!

  106. Reminds me I have to go to Marshalls/TJ for some tights and leggings

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