SELF Women Doing Good Awards and a L’Oreal Paris Gift Bag Giveaway!

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Tuesday earlier this week the Women Doing Good Awards commenced at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  The third annual event hosted by SELF Magazine honored 4 women deserving of recognition for their charity work and their tireless efforts to make the world a better place.  The recipients, as chosen by SELF reader vote, were:

Lisa Scarpinato (Kitchen on the Street)

 Lisa Scarpinato and her husband co-founded Kitchen on the Street, a non-profit in Phoenix which sends more than 300 needy kids home from school on Fridays with Bags of Hope- backpacks filled with enough food for them until Monday. After learning that kids in her community were going hungry on the weekends, she decided to do something. “It broke my heart that kids at our local school were starving,” she said, “I wanted to be a good neighbor.”

JJ Ramberg (

JJ Ramberg thought with all the money that search engines were making, there must be a way to donate some to good causes. Her good heart and motivation led her to start with her brother, Ken. The site donates one cent to a charity (there are over 90,000 non-profits to choose from) each time you browse the web. They also launched a sister-site GoodShop to connect online-shoppers to vendors like Target who will donate up to 30 percent of each purchase to a listed cause. Since 2005, GoodSearch has raised $34,000 for the ASPCA and $14,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Haley Kilpatrick (Girl Talk)

When she was just 15, Haley Kilpatrick of Atlanta started Girl Talk, a mentoring program that pairs high school and middle school girls. Her hope is that young girls won’t go through the teasing and cyberbullying that she did as an adolescent. “Girls have to come together and talk so each one can realize it’s not just her having a rough time. I wish I’d known that,” she says. Nine years later, more than 32,000 girls in 39 states have joined Girl Talk.

Minka Kelly and Sofia Vergara

Minka Kelly, celebrity recipient (Stand Up To Cancer)

A stunning and talented young actress, Minka Kelly distinguishes herself with powerful performances and a natural ease on both the small and big screens. Minka is best known as ‘Lyla Garrity’ on NBC’s critically acclaimed series Friday Night Lights and currently can be seen starring on NBC’s Parenthood. In 2008, Minka lost her 51-year-old mother, Maureen, to colon cancer. Determined to join the fight against cancer, Minka became an ambassador for Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a non-profit organization founded by a group of media, entertainment and philanthropic leaders whose lives have been affected by cancer.

Hoda Kotb and Dylan Lauren

Hoda Kotb of the Today Show emceed the event and was also honored for her charity outreach in the fight against breast cancer.  The award recipients also received $10,000 from SELF’s editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger and Vice President & Publisher Laura McEwen.

AnnaLynne McCord. Love the updo!

Other celebs in attendance included Laura McEwen, Lucy Danziger, Maria Menounos, and Kamie Crawford, Miss Teen USA.

The event was presented by L’Oréal Paris, and included amazing gift bags filled to the brim with fabulous L’Oreal products.

So this brings us to our giveaway!  To spread goodwill and the spirit of the Women Doing Good Awards, SELF Magazine has generously offered that same gift bag to one lucky Chic Steals reader!

L’Oreal Women Doing Good Awards Gift Bag
The same gift bag that was given to attendees of the Women Doing Good Awards event – crammed with 10 items to help you (and your guy) look and feel your most fabulous!

Contents: Telescopic Explosion / Infallible Lip Colour / Collagen Micro-Pulse Eye / GO 360 Clean / Men’s Expert Ice Cold Eye Roller / Men’s Expert Hydra Energetic Skin Energizing Gel Cleanser / Elnett Satin hairspray / Everstrong Reconstruct Shampoo / Studio Secrets Professional Color Smokes Eye Shadow / SELF Magazine October Issue

ARV = $100 (!!)

How to Enter
Edit 10/4: Entry period is now over and a winner will be announced shortly.

1. Required: Follow Chic Steals.  (In Blogger, Google Reader, Bloglovin, etc. – just once somewhere is sufficient!)
Then, Leave a Comment on this post below telling me which charity from the post above captured your heart.  Did Girl Talk seem like the best idea ever?  Do you use Or would you donate your money to breast cancer research? Let me know in your comment!

2. Optional: For another entry, tweet this giveaway and leave a linkback to your tweet in ANOTHER COMMENT.  If you don’t leave it in a separate comment, I won’t count it – so keep it separate!

3. Optional: For another entry, blog about this giveaway and leave a linkback to your blog post in ANOTHER COMMENT.  If you don’t leave it in a separate comment, I won’t count it – so keep it separate!

4. Optional: For another entry, post about this giveaway on your Facebook page and leave a linkback to your post in ANOTHER COMMENT.  If you don’t leave it in a separate comment, I won’t count it – so keep it separate!

Max: 4 entries per person allowed.

Giveaway open to any Chic Steals follower in the U.S.
Apologies to my international readers!:-(
Giveaway period is open from today until Sunday, Oct. 3, 11:59 PM PST.
Winner chosen by

So please enter, spread the word – and good luck! (I’m soooo jealous and totally coveting that gift bag myself!!)


FTC Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for this post.  The gift bag will be sent to the winner of the giveaway directly from Conde Nast and the SELF Magazine team.  See my disclosure policy here.

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47 Responses to “SELF Women Doing Good Awards and a L’Oreal Paris Gift Bag Giveaway!”

  1. Proud to be a follower!
    The charity that is close to my heart is breast cancer research. Just this past Feb. my best friends Mother past away from her second encounter with cancer. As our wedding favors we decided to donate to cancer research. We hoped that our small contribution would make a difference and it definitely lifted my friends spirits when she'd heard what we all had done.

  2. I love your idea for the favors, Courtney, really sweet. I was raised by my grandmother, and she died of breast cancer some years back so I give money to breast cancer research, among other charities. I could very well be aiding in research that could save my life some day!

  3. I can't believe that no one has thought of goodsearch before. I think it is an amazing idea and am officially changing my search engine to it. It great to hear about all these great things people do.

  4. Wow, that's impressing! So many good ideas! But Kitchen on the Street really made me want to cry, it is so sad when children are hungry. I feel weird being a woman an not saying that I would give my money to breast cancer research, but I guess that children are more important for me anyway.

  5. I'm a follower!

    I love the idea of GoodSearch, but my favorite from the list above has to be Girl Talk. I dealt with a lot of bullying in middle and high school…to this day I'm not even sure how I made it out alive. A close-knit family and strong values certainly helped, but not everyone is lucky enough to have those!

  6. Sorry i left out the email:

  7. Kitchen on the Street caught my attention because children, especially poor children, are so often forgotten.

    I follow you on bloglovin'.

  8. I am now following you on Networked Blogs.
    Kitchen on the Street is such a wonderful idea!
    My mom works as a janitor at a local high school and we have talked many times about kids there who just crash with friends because they have places to live but no real home and it just tears us up.
    I plan on telling her about this concept and trying to brainstorm a way we could do something in a similar vein…I feel like it is truly a heart growing ministry.
    I am glad I couldn't sleep tonite as I have been deeply affected. When I am hungry I just run to the fridge…
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

    I posted this on Facebook.
    Thank you for the giveaway…
    it would be fun to win something like this.
    I'm off to explore your blog now..
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  10. I follow you on google reader. I love the kitchen on the street. I think it's a great project! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    stylistdiva (at)

  11. I follow your blog through Goggle Reader! The charity that caught my eye is Kitchen on the Street. Our local food bank has a similar program that is used to serve our school district. This program is much needed!
    All the charity's are great it is hard to choose just one 🙂

  12. girltalk sounded like a terrific idea. It breaks my heart when I hear about bullying kids and how it drives them to suicide or even just unhappiness in their lives.
    following on blog lovin.
    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  13. I follow you through google reader. I'm slowly adding all the blogs I follow.

    The charity that is close to my heart is goodsearch. I use it to donate to an organization for foster children in my neighborhood… every little bit helps! I used to be a foster child so I am always looking for ways to give back. With my very limited college budget I am able to donate a little through goodsearch.

  14. following your rss feed!

  15. I LOVE the Girl Talk organization! That cause is becoming increasingly more needed.

  16. Google Reader follower! My vote is for standing up to cancer!

  17. ive been following you for a while now.. and i support the breast cancer research charity. my step-grandmother had breast cancer, and seeing her go though chemo and all of that, was very painful. i would never wish that experience that she went through on anyone, and because of that, ive made sure to donate a bit of my paycheck to breast cancer research every three months. i know it isnt a lot, but every little bit helps.

  18. i follow you on bloglovin' and i was happy to learn about Kitchen on the Street, because it is something people can help with worldwide and even on a small scale. it is inspirational because of its simplicity and logistic ease.

  19. I'm subscribed in google reader & I like on facebook.

    I use goodsearch to raise money for our school. I've heard of Girl talk as well before. I tend to donate my money to charities for children or animals. I also like local charities.

  20. I'm a follower on Google Reader. The charity I liked in the post is Kitchen on the Street. It breaks my heart to think that kids would go home for the weekend and not have food in the house to eat for 2days. How sad! What do these poor children do during the summer or longer school vacations?!
    I commend all of these strong women for doing something to make the world a better place.

  21. I forgot to leave an email.

  22. I would donate my money to cancer research-especially b/c my cousin was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

  23. While I was moved reading about all the featured charities, I found Girl Talk the most inspiring and unique. I wish I had a resource like that when I was younger. Self esteem issues can begin at such an early age and with the standards of beauty becoming more and more warped by the fashion industry and pop culture icons fuel is added to the fire for anyone who doesn't fit the “norm.” I'm going to look further into Haley Kilpatrick's organization and see what I can do to help.

  24. I follow you on bloglovin. It's difficult to decide, those are great organisations, but I believe breast cancer research is closest to my heart.

  25. i follow you on bloglovin' and twitter @MissLeeThatsMe 🙂

    i always support any charity that relates to breast cancer research. my grandmother passed away 5 years ago from breast cancer….i try to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation as often as i can and i have particiapated in Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure events.


  26. I follow on google reader.

    They're all wonderful charities, but Kitchen on the Street is the one that grabbed me. We have ( and waste) so much food in this country that it seems unbelievable that anyone would go hungry, especially children.

    r.r.butcher at gmail dot com

  27. I am a follower via GFC.

    Since I use the internet constantly, and I think is a fantastic idea. The money made off from the internet is really huge and to channel some of it to a good cause can really make our internet usage more worthwhile.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  28. i'm a follower!!! kitchen on the street really warmed my heart, i spent a lot of time in high school working at our grocery pantry and soup kitchen, and i loved playing with the kids while my mom helped their parents with getting the right sized diapers and correct formula. when those kids left, either by car or on foot, a little piece of me left with each one. no one should ever be hungry. great giveaway!!

  29. I follow your blog through Google Reader! I've been really influenced by the recent stand up to cancer ads I've been seeing. Most of us are affected by it one way or another – my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer when I was a teen. Thankfully radiation treatment worked and he is healthy today!

  30. Been a follower for a long time.
    GirlTalk caught my eye….I quit school when I was 13 years old because of bullying. I have great admiration for the work GirlTalk is doing.

  31. I follow you through my Google reader! I have to go with Stand Up 2 Cancer. So many people I know have been affected by it…It's hard to believe we don't have any answers.

  32. While they're all good causes, cancer research is my pick. Sooner or later, everyone's lives are touched by cancer in one way or another. Whether you get it yourself or someone close to you does, or your best friend's mother dies from it, it's painful and heart-wrenching, and it just needs to stop.

  33. Kitchen on the Street is such an incredible idea. Hunger is a problem that is so often overlooked, even though it is incredibly serious. Thanks for sharing!


  34. I follow this blog, and I think that Kitchen on the Street is the most inspiring charity.

  35. I follow your site with Google reader. I thought they all were wonderful charities. I really liked the Girl Talk charity.

  36. I'm following you on Google Reader 🙂

    I would say Stand Up To Cancer really captured my heart. I've known many people who have battle cancer and never won the battle. So any step closer to finding cures is great in my book 🙂

  37. I follow you through Blogger.

    I would definitely choose breast cancer research for my charity. Every year, I buy the pink lid yoplaits and send them in. I have all of my friends and coworkers collect, too! Breast cancer has hit so many women in my life and it takes more and more lives each year. We need to raise awareness and donate, donate, donate!

  38. I really like the “Girl Talk” idea. So sweet!

    I follow on Google reader.

  39. GirlTalk seems like an awesome program! Cyberbullying is such a huge issue now that everyone's online and this is a great way to address it! Follow in Reader and comment here!

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