I Need to Stay Away from the Jewelry Section at Target…

In Cool Stores, Jewelry, Objects of Desire on September 18, 2010 by carlyjcais

Clockwise from top: Stone Bib Necklace; Pyramid Studded Cuff (clearance section); Stretch Rhinestone, Silver Chain, and Oxidized Studded Rings Set of 3; Faux Python Cuff Bracelet with Gold Chain and Embellishments (clearance section)

Like really stay away.  Like we’re talking a blockade and police barricade.

Just a few things I picked up the other day at my local Tar-JAY.

The designer for their jewelry must be new (since I can’t find anything online confirming this, I’m just assuming…) because this stuff rocks.  It’s the only way how I can explain how their jewelry (not the designer-collab stuff, just the regular costume jewelry sold at Target) sometime during the last year went from um, “nice” to “omigawd I want every piece right. NOW!!”

I love these edgy cuffs stacked together.  Or apart!

And these rings, which can also be worn separately.  Not too crazy about the rhinestone one, which looks kinda cheap IMHO, but I was thrilled to find the studded one since I’ve been on the hunt ever since Forever 21 stopped making their version.  I also love the chain ring.

The nail polish is, too, from Target – O.P.I’s “Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow.”  A dark jade green that is black in some lights and evergreen in others.  It looks so sinister, even more so than I think black does.  But I digress.

Ahh, the piece de resistance.  This Stone Bib Necklace just looks so opulent and it elevates any outfit to a major ensemble in a flash.

Plus Target just got Temple St. Clair jewelry in, and I’m loving the ladies-who-lunch feel to their bauble drop earrings and jumbled charm bracelets.  Who’s with me on this one??! 😉

Might just have to make a trip back, if I can get around the self-imposed barricade…

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